From Moms:

“Rachel is an absolute natural in the doula profession, easy-going, calm and kind. That said, she has also clearly studied the numerous techniques that facilitate labor and delivery and knows exactly when to use each one. She was an immense source of support during my labor, was fully engaged and committed to making the experience as painless as possible and negotiated with incredible grace the numerous people involved that day. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

“Throughout my 20 hours of labor, Rachel was physically, emotionally, and spiritually present. I truly felt that what was happening to me mattered to her, and that she was fully invested in making my birthing experience as comfortable, calm, and loving as possible. Rachel arrived at my home very early on in my labor, and stayed with me until my son was born. Throughout that time, she offered a variety of strategies that helped me remain focused and strong. Rachel worked as an integral part of my team and this allowed for my mother and husband to seamlessly offer support to me. She also offered continuous words of encouragement and support during my labor and 4 hours of pushing!… Rachel’s energy never wavered, and her words were always perfectly timed. When my baby was born, she was there to help us welcome him into the world.”

From Caregivers:

“Rachel loves birth and is in awe of it. She is deeply respectful of
the process. A good doula offers herself as a witness to the process
of labor and birth and knows when to move to touch and soothe and
knows how to encourage and coach. She uses her mind, body and spirit.
Rachel is capable of all of this.” — local nurse midwife